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Generate lists of words with Lexemes
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Generate lists of words with Lexemes (sorted by language)

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@Lea_Lacroix_WMDE, could you clarify the mission ? There are already at least 50+ languages opensource frequency lists. We havent integrated them on LL. Which direction do you have in mind ?

I'm guessing that when Lea says Lexemes (with an uppercase L) she thinks of Lexemes in Wikidata (which has been done partially already).

That said, being able to integrate other sources of words would be great (but it would probably need to be dealt with in an other ticket).

This task has been completed during the hackathon in December
I created the task for the hackathon but we didn't work with Phabricator in the end, so I think this task can now be closed.

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As @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE pointed out, this has been done during last week hackathon. See the new "External Tools" word list generator: