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Banner Test #08 dewiki mobile
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Banners are based on control banner of #07.

Test Scope

Please describe the test scope as detailed as possible. When posting banner text, you may also use formatting options to resemble the formatting currently used in banners:

  • we want to test the banner design of Page 2 (the content that is displayed once you click on the banner).

Depending on the scope, the following information is needed:

  • Banner design and content is the same (aka P1). We only change P2. For this, we use the design according to this. Copy should be identical. It is only about design.

Start Date

  • Thursday, 20th.

Invisible Placeholder

  • NO

Anything from other Tests

  • NO

Event Timeline

  • the url of the ctrl banner is sligthly wrong:
  • on VAR the progress bar on P2 is missing. Sorry for not pointing out explicitly. I linked to a precampaign banner, which had no progress bar. You can look at this banner from last year as reference.
  • thank you for implementing the donation button on VAR. two things here
    • could you change the colour of this button to the same blue as the activated button and make the font white, please
    • I see a scroll bar in the button with the FF dev tool iphone x.

donation button mobile scroll bar.PNG (144×325 px, 6 KB)

  • please change in both banners on P1 the sentence of Slide 4 "Wenn alle, die das jetzt lesen, ..." with "Wenn alle, die das jetzt lesen, einen kleinen Beitrag leisten, wäre unser Spendenziel bereits am heutigen [week day] erreicht."

@tmletzko the changes are applied to the banners and are on CN now.

the url of the ctrl banner is sligthly wrong:

I mistakenly copy-pasted the name of the banner without the last letter l but it's just the name of the page on CN. The tracking codes are correct.

Tim_WMDE set the point value for this task to 1.Jan 3 2019, 12:37 PM