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Closing donation banner breaks scrolling
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to an English Wikipedia article on the latest Firefox version on MacOS Mojave or High Sierra.
  2. Make sure there's a donation banner on top.
  3. Scroll to verify that the scrolling works fine.
  4. Close the banner.
  5. Scroll the page again.

Expected results: Scrolling is smooth, as is the case when there's no donation banner.
Actual results: Scrolling skips down some of the page when you pass a certain point (probably where the banner would be offscreen if it were there).
Workaround: Use the "disable fundraising banners" gadget.

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@Pythoncoder thanks for the report, I shuffled the tags around so this gets seen by the right people.

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Thanks, banner team will look into this one.

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Did a significant re-write of the desktop large banner scrolling behaviour, and this is now fixed.