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Request for converting digits (0-9) in to Santali
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Currently the digits or numerals of Santali Wikipedia is in english but it has own numerals. Therefore community people want to use and see their own digits while reading or writing article for Santali Wikipedia. The digits are as bellow:

'0' => '᱐'
'1' => '᱑'
'2' => '᱒'
'3' => '᱓'
'4' => '᱔'
'5' => '᱕'
'6' => '᱖'
'7' => '᱗'
'8' => '᱘'
'9' => '᱙'

For this request the community consensus link is here:

Manik Soren

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Hi @Manik87, please provide clear steps where *exactly* to see the problem, to make sure we discuss the same thing.
Please see - thanks a lot!

Someone need to define these digit by $digitTransformTable in MessagesSat.php like MessagesHi.php$287-298

Change 480589 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aftab; owner: Aftab):
[mediawiki/core@master] Adding $digitTransformTable for Santali (sat)

@MarcoAurelio Could you please help me to close this bug? I uploaded the patch and now it needs a +2 review. Thanks.

@Aftabuzzaman Good day. I took a look at your patch. As @Jayprakash12345 said in the patch, could you please document it too on RELEASE-NOTES-1.33? Thank you.

Change 480589 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Adding $digitTransformTable for Santali (sat)

Thank you everyone for solving this issue. Have a good day to all of you.