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Collect and analyze second round of data on citation usage
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  • Collect data after heads-up on Village Pump T203253
  • Clean data and remove sessions with editing events (to protect privacy)
  • Perform second round of analysis, similar to T203253
  • Run in-depth readers analysis [Q3-Q4]

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Miriam triaged this task as High priority.Dec 18 2018, 3:39 PM
Miriam created this task.

@Miriam this task is done, right? you can resolve it if that's the case. If I read it correctly, we're now at T213969.

@leila, this task is tracking the analysis bit of the second round of data collection, too. The results for the first round of analysis are avilable here:
However, for next quarter, we would like to perform a more in-depth analysis. So either we modify the task (as it involves different sub-tasks), or we keep it open?

@Miriam I see what you say. In this case it's fine to keep it open and reuse it when we list goals for Q4. It's more of an EPIC task.