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As an iOS user I want to donate using Apple Pay
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For now, we're just keeping track of inbound requests from users here...

Event Timeline;TicketID=10464503

Please integrate Apple Pay donations functionality.;TicketID=9668023

How about adding Apple Pay as a way to donate to Wikipedia?

Appreciate all the work on the iOS app!;TicketID=8832946

Have you thought about taking donations through the app? You could use Apple Pay in the
iOS app, which would considerably reduce friction.;TicketID=10898645

Thank you for doing such a great job and giving us the greatest possible gift!
Access to knowledge and information. 

I am writing this email to ask is there a way you can add a Pay with Apple Pay
inside the iOS app. I want to support Wikipedia whenever I can and there are
moments when I want to donate but I do not have my card at hand and I end up
postponing and sometimes forgetting. I am doing my best to not be lazy but people
are like this sometimes. I know other people have the same experience. Is there a
way you can add Apple Pay inside the Wikipedia app so supporting becomes a 1
button experience?

Store review on Dec 3 2018:
"I was about to donate $30 to help keep this website/app Ad free, but there is no option for Apple Pay"

@wikimedia can you enable Apple Pay for Wikipedia donations? Would be easiest and safest for anybody on a compatible Mac or iOS device. Thanks!

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I am just sending this because I want to donate to you guys but I haven’t done so yet
because I don’t have a paypal or amazon account, but I do use Apple Pay very often. I am
reluctant to make more payment accounts but I would if Apple Pay were available. I just
figure you are all probably missing out on a lot of donations due to not having Apple Pay
enabled as a payment method. Thanks.

OTRS Ticket#2019081010004445:

Not a bug per se, more of a complaint for a lack of a feature. I like Wikipedia, I use it
quite frequently and I appreciate your efforts. However, until you give me a completely
secure and safe way to donate money, you won’t get anything from me. It needs to be safe,
secure, and anonymous. I will not handover financial information, period. I am requesting
Apple Pay. If you put that into the app, I’ll donate monthly. Until then, nothing.


Please add Apple Pay option ASAP as I want to support this more easily and more frequently.