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Jade Wireframes: Entity edit mode
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Design a wireframe for what the editing view of a Jade page might look like.

From a Jade page, a user should be able to:

  • Review current proposals and endorsements
  • Add a new proposal
  • Add a new endorsement

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Would this necessarily be separate from the view mode? I'm guessing not, but it might be good to spec out a set of patterns for making various types of judgment data editable. E.g. what kind of controls will we use for booleans (damaging), single-select (articlequality), or multi-select (drafttopic).

Harej added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 10:55 PM

Even if they are the same page, a page might look different while you're in edit mode compared to if you're just reading it. (It might not be, though! Depends on what you come up with.)

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Halfak claimed this task. covers a few different types of edits someone might do.

Menu items allow "edit", "details", "move", and "remove" where relevant. Editing happens within the view with a "✔ publish" and "✗ cancel" buttons inline. The "details" dialog makes metadata available to the UI. The goal here is not to replicate all of history but instead to provide some useful details for review.

My thought is that "move" only shows up for one's own endorsements. It's really just a convenience since "remove" and "endorse" perform roughly the same action.

Editing someone else's endorsement could be discouraged through the UI by a modal interruption ("You're editing someone else's endorsement. Are you sure?"). This one covers the creation of endorsements and proposals.

This is now ready for review @Harej

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