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Edit block and save without making changes should not display "XYZUser" is already blocked."
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When editing a block, if no changes are made to the form and you hit to "Reblock user ..." you get a message saying "XYZUser" is already blocked.
The save button says "Re-block the user with this settings" so getting a message that says that the user is already blocked (in my opinion) makes you think that there is a problem with the form.

For a better UX, no changes to the block should take you to the "Block succeed" page or it should give you a different message.

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Good find, but not really in scope for our team.

I'd argue that if the form doesn't change the 'Block user' button shouldn't be active. This is a common design pattern (e.g. if you open the VisualEditor the 'publish' button is inactive until you make a change to the document.)