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Prepare demographics survey data for analysis
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Prepare survey data for analysis. This involves cleaning, joining in additional features, and running debiasing code per:

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Isaac triaged this task as High priority.Dec 20 2018, 6:57 PM
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This is now blocked on addressing the questions which we ran into as part of the pilot survey under T212444.

Debiasing complete.

  • See reader behavior features under T228285 for features that were used in debiasing.
  • It was determined that a GradientBoostingClassifier performed best with respect to making the average features -- e.g., average pages viewed per session) for the survey respondents match the general population for the wiki -- though LogisticRegression also worked quite well in many cases.
  • Wikidata instance-of ended up being relatively uninformative so I might revisit that with drafttopic categories.
  • As part of this work, a few changes were required:
    • African and Worldwide surveys (english/french) were separated because I realized that weights from debiasing would not be comparable if they came from two separate models (if a single model was used for english or french, country was a very strong predictor of whether someone took the survey or not)
    • I trimmed the control sessions to exactly match the survey session timespan because the survey was launched / ended mid-day and that meant without careful control, that day of week became a strong predictor of whether someone took the survey or not.