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Offer Discourse results in search queries
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Inspired by ...

Imagine that users with question searching in would obtain results of as well. Wouldn't that be useful? Now imagine that this Discourse forum would contain not only technical questions, but also the archives of our technical mailing lists. Wouldn't that be very useful, and awesome?

Technically speaking, it seems we have all the building blocks needed. Discourse has a Search API (docs, intro) and we have a UI to offer related search results.

See how others have integrated Discourse search results in WordPress (another PHP application).

Maybe this could be a project for an internship or a contractor?

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There is an implicit assumption here that people visit specifically to search for... "stuff", I guess.

If I get it right, the current default search parameters on do not include the Project namespace (used by e.g. mw:Project:Support_desk). That might be something to tackle and discuss first before going into pulling from external resources? (Does not depend on or exclude each other though, obviously.)