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Improve the registration process for new translators
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What happened when I tried to join

I recently registered to I just wanted to start exploring it at my own pace. When I realized my initial status was "an unapproved translator" I wasn't sure what that meant, and I figured I'll submit an initial translation sometime later. I was unaware that timing matters, so I was planning on doing this on the weekend when I have more free time. On Friday I received an email saying "I have rejected your application, because the quality of your translations did not meet the requirements".

This was confounding to me as no translation was even submitted yet. The email didn't say so, but I think that the issue was not with the quality of my work but with my timing: the fact that I didn't post something right away.

What I recommend

A more user-friendly approach in such cases would be to send the candidate a reminder email asking them if they still wanted to contribute, and clearly informing them of the time window. If a new user must submit a first translation for review within a certain time frame this should be stated prominently before a rejection email is sent. Otherwise this makes for a needlessly bad user experience.

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There is no mandatory timeframe, everything depends on the administrator who happens to review the registration. The message is probably harsher than what the person actually means on average.

I just found out a "complete your registration" email was in fact sent to me. I didn't see it earlier because it went straight to Spam, unlike the rejection email. How selective of you, Gmail. I wonder how often this happens and what can be done about it.

We are investigating the spam flagging in T212630: emails tagged as 'spam' by Gmail.

We do send a reminder after about a day (which likely went to spam as well) and after a few days decline if there aren't any translations with the assumption it is just a spam bot. You can always apply again.

I think we should update the rejection email text to better take into account the most common case that the applicant did not make any translations (as opposed to doing them but they were bad).

Thanks for reporting this issue and I hope this experience won't deter your future contributions.