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Help panel: mobile help panel questions not showing up
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When I submitted questions via the help panel from my mobile device (Safari on iOS 12.1.2), I clicked "View your question on the Help Desk". Though the URL was correct, my question was not on the page once it opened. The question was there when I opened the page on mobile, but not on my phone. In the screenshot below, you can see in the green bar that the page was edited by me, but that my question isn't there. The most recent questions are from weeks ago, even though many were added in the minutes/hours before this screenshot was taken.

Help_Panel_no_question_2019-01-02.png (1×750 px, 111 KB)

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OK, mystery solved on this one. @Etonkovidova made an edit that included <tt> which was an unclosed HTML tag. The desktop theme rendered the page fine (albeit with oddly formatted text) but MobileFrontend gave up after that heading and content. I edited the comment ( and the page renders fine on mobile again.

Tagging this with MobileFrontend, in case you think this is worth looking into: the fact that someone can essentially break a page for others on mobile by inserting certain wikitext.