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Lag on history page in Firefox 3.5
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Author: rockmfr

There is very heavy CPU usage on history pages in Firefox 3.5. Adding ids to each input may mitigate the issue.

Mozilla bug report (includes workaround):

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: major



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matthew.britton wrote:

Happened with Firefox 3.0 also.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 17240 ***

rockmfr wrote:

This is not a dupe. history.js makes it worse, but the issue still exists with all scripts removed, so the issue will still exist even if the initial setup is moved to the server side.

Should be fixed now in r53490...

Added id attributes to diff radios and show/hide check boxes; this is to work around a bug in Firefox 3.5 where form session saving hangs for a while after each change when a page contains hundreds of anonymous radio and checkboxes.

Note this isn't live on Wikipedia yet.

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

*** Bug 17240 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***