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Make changes to survey tool
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  • UPDATE: We may not need to use this tool. We may use a simpler process to help reduce burden. We can probably let you know in a couple weeks. ***

Last year you helped us create this tool to transfer text from MediaWiki Translation Extension into Qualtrics. We are preparing for translating CE Insights next quarter and we are finding that we need to make some changes to the tool you developed. I wanted to reach out to you to ask if you can help us once more. Your help last year was invaluable.

We are changing our translation process a bit this year. We are going to be paying for translations first and then we'll be asking volunteers to review paid translations. So we would need a way to transfer all the translations and English into meta. The tool you developed last year was designed to transfer translations in English to metawiki, and then transfer English + other languages back into a Qualtrics csv file. We would need to add the functionality to transfer all the languages (English and 9 others) from a qualtrics csv file into Meta.

It would be great to know whether this is something that can be feasibly done next quarter and whether you or someone on your team has some time help with. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help clarify.

Thanks so much and all the best,

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