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Netbox racks consistency report
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For the non-network sites (codfw, eqiad, ulsfo, eqsin, esams) it would be useful to have a report that lists the following:

  • all the switches that are installed in the front of the rack

For example in asw2 is "Position U31 / Front" while it should (and is physically) in the back
As far as I know, no switches (role "msw" or "asw") with an "active" status should be in the front

  • I don't know enough about servers, but maybe we can similarly check for all servers and other network devices to be in the front

Maybe with a condition that the rack has at least X active servers so we don't alert on possibly empty racks

  • All racks should have at least 1 PDU

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This is the kind of thing that:

  • Removes flexibility from DC Ops
  • If it occurs, it's not affecting anyone else but the DC Ops person on the ground (compared to e.g. a documentation or operational error like missing consoles)
  • Is not the kind of thing that would go easily unnoticed by the person on the ground (like e.g. a "WNF1234" asset tag).

So I'm not sure if we should implement it, but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise! What do you think, do you have a specific error in mind?

I mentioned 2 examples in the description:

For example in asw2 is "Position U31 / Front" while it should (and is physically) in the back

for example is missing one while it should (and physically have one)

I'm fine either way.