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Make keyboard shortcuts configurable
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Currently, some keyboard shortcuts are hardcoded. The following keyboard shortcuts should be configurable, and disabling them should be possible.

  • "Y" reverts assuming good faith, with a custom edit summary.
  • "O" opens the page in an external browser
  • "H" shows the history of the page, externally
  • "Ctrl+S" nominates a page for speedy deletion
  • "Ctrl+D" deletes a page.
  • "Ctrl+Alt+W" removes whitelisted users' edits from the queue
  • "Ctrl+Alt+D" removes edits with a score lower than -200 (why hardcoded -200, by the way? I'd use this option if it was "500" or so. "-200" is below my personal ">100" list limit anyway.)
  • "Shift+I" increases "badness score"
  • "Shift+D" decreases "badness score"
  • "Ctrl+H" welcomes the user
  • "Ctrl+B" blocks the user
  • "F1" opens help. Being able to use the whole "function key" row for custom shortcuts could be useful.
  • "Ctrl+P" opens preferences. The only hardcoded requirement to prevent keyboard lockout is that the "Alt" key focuses the menu bar, and that the arrow keys and space/return can be used to navigate it when focused.
  • "Esc" does an emergency abort of delayed actions. The user may not even have enabled such a delay.
  • "Ctrl+F" is "Find". A reasonable default, but not necessary to be hardcoded either.

Example how to do this: