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load.php URL hanging sometimes
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While I navigate on, I have 2 instances on this week where a page is not loading properly. Page is blank, loading, and after a long time or when I press ESC, the page loads but without most styles. After some minutes (for example the time it takes to report this bug), if I reload the page again, it works correctly.

This happened on 2018-01-05 and 2018-01-06.

I've looked at the network tab and found the URL where this happens. I've captured with curl both requests. Of course, request headers will vary between by browser request (firefox) and curl.

2018-01-05: URL - P7961

2018-01-06: URL - P7960

Since it happened to me two times on a week on different days, it seems something that should be investigated. Probably more people are affected. Note that I only visit occasionally during those days, which means this may be very frequent

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Hello, thank you for the report. Could you please describe a little bit the environment from which you are seeing this problem? What type of network(s) are used (e.g. work, residential, mobile, etc.) and is the problem occurring on more than one device and network connection?

Thanks in advance!

This happened at home (no proxy, etc. Normal ADSL). I'm using Firefox on linux (OpenSUSE). When this happened (page taking too long to actually display anything), I copied the URL that was causing the problem and tried to get it with curl on command line, which are the pastes attached to the bug.

I've experienced this only on, which I visit almost daily during 10-30 minutes, but this didn't happened before. I usually don't visit other WMF wikis, so I'm unsure if this could be reproduced on other instances. I'm an admin of another MediaWiki site which I visit very often and I haven't seen this problem.

Will keep you updated if I see this problem again

Will keep you updated if I see this problem again

@Ciencia_Al_Poder: Six months later: Has this happened again? :)

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Nope. Thanks for the reminder. I'm closing this for now