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Use Open Graph Protocol to define the main image / thumbnail of a page in a link posted on external platforms
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It would be useful for Wikimedia Commons image pages to state what the main image is, using the Open Graph Protocol. This way users could link images to various websites (Reddit, facebook, ...) and have the correct image show up, without having to explicitly upload images to those platforms.
Currently Wikimedia Commons is not usable on those platforms because they will either pick some random icon (s.a. the quality image symbol) or display no thumbnail at all.

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Trougnouf created this task.Jan 6 2019, 6:49 PM
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@Trougnouf: See discussion in T19503 and T142243 and their subtasks. Which of them fits best / should this task be merged into?

I think T142243 ([EPIC] Add open graph meta tags) might be most relevant, as T19503 (Provide metadata support on Wikimedia Commons) may be more about providing external data (s.a. that linked through WikiData) rather than what's on the image page (and it makes no mention to the open graph protocol though that may be irrelevant).

The tasks on T142243 seem a bit broader with T33338 (Export file thumbnail, video preview via Open Graph meta elements as Facebook posting helper) being the closest but seemingly applies to a whole page full of content rather than an image page with one image (and perhaps a description) so I think it's overkill here. Nevertheless T142243 seems to encompass this task.

It seems that the solution here may as simple as activating the Extension:OpenGraphMeta on Wikimedia Commons and using it somewhere on the image page and/or Information template ({{#setmainimage:{{PAGENAME}}}}?)

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