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Use `progress` element for ProgressBarWidget
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Use progress element for ProgressBarWidget.
JS would be ready, PHP due to IE < 10 support not yet.

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Volker_E changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jan 17 2019, 6:37 AM

Current browser implementations seem to have serious appearance flaws, for example browser stylesheet appearance can't be unset, therefore putting on stalled.

Hello @Volker_E, @Aklapper
Can you provide more detailed information about how to solve this issue,
I would like to work on this.

Thank You!!

Hello, @Volker_E @Aklapper

I have added progress element in ProgressBarWidget by removing div. Below are the outputs and changes made in file. I think something is missing to completely resolve the issue.
If I'm missing anything from the required changes please let me know.

Screenshot from 2022-02-07 16-06-13.png (1×1 px, 231 KB)
Screenshot from 2022-02-07 16-06-43.png (1×1 px, 218 KB)

Screenshot from 2022-02-07 16-04-16.png (1×1 px, 122 KB)

@abhigya_pandey: Hi and thanks for working on this! We don't look at screenshots to review code; please put proposed code changes as patches into Gerrit for review, by following . Thanks a lot!

Aklapper changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Feb 8 2022, 9:40 AM

Change 763709 had a related patch set uploaded (by Abhigya Pandey; author: Abhigya Pandey):

[oojs/ui@master] Use progress element for ProgressBarWidget

I made a pull request. Review it and if required any changes please let me know.

Change 763709 abandoned by VolkerE:

[oojs/ui@master] Use progress element for ProgressBarWidget


Abandoned due to unclear path forward with current browser's styling limitations of native progress element. Recommend to reactivate patch later if browser support has changed.