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Admin Stats does not indicate if users are a CheckUser or bot
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It used to do this. Every user who is a CU or bot should have this indicated in the "User groups" column.

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Since I did most of AdminStats, I’ll take this on.

Restricted Application added a project: User-Matthewrbowker. · View Herald TranscriptJan 8 2019, 1:24 AM

So I totally forgot about this task, @Matthewrbowker ! I reworked Admin Stats recently, and managed to resolve this all the while.

To explain the changes:

  • Admin Stats (or the new Steward and Patroller Stats) now have their own set of "actions", defined with a set of log_types and log_actions. This is defined in admin_stats.yml.
  • By default, it only shows user groups that have rights that were specified for each of the "actions"; For instance, "sysop" doesn't show in Steward Stats because they can't do any of the steward-like things that Stewards can. I have added in a configuration option to specify "extra user groups" that are used only to indicate what additional user groups should be shown in the UI.

That said, with 0499a26b stewards, checkusers, bots, and abusefilter managers should all show up.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes!

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