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PDF rendering does not support <br>
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Author: grysmith

When attempting to insert vertical whitespace to indicate room for information that has not yet been received, I found that the <br> command was completely ineffective. The PDF converter simply ignored it.

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volker.haas wrote:

Multiple <br> tags are removed on purpose. This is done to achieve a smoother layout. Since it might be desirable to force whitespace it is now possible to use 'spacer DIVs': Just add something like <div style="height:24pt"></div> to the mediawiki markup to force some vertical space. I hope this works for you.

grysmith wrote:

Ha, tried spacer DIV as recommended, but that doesn't force whitespace either.

ref: Graeme_E_Smith/Collections/Model_Series/Datamining/Copyright_Page

I want to leave room for Library Codes, and to place the numbered edition lines at the bottom of the page, and even though it works in WikiLanguage it doesn't work when converting to PDF

volker.haas wrote:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the fix is not online yet. That might take a couple of days. I'll a attach a sample of the above mentioned page that I rendered on my local machine.

volker.haas wrote:

example pdf