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[testwiki wmf.12] Long Reference list produces "Automatic translation failed"
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'Hudson river' has 127 items in the Reference list.

  1. Start translating 'Hudson river' en->es with any MT option as default.
  2. The request fails with:
{status: 500, type: "internal_error", title: "Error", detail: "Source content too long",…}
detail: "Source content too long"
method: "POST"
status: 500
title: "Error"
type: "internal_error"
uri: "/v2/translate/en/es/Google"
{"status":500,"type":"internal_error","title":"PayloadTooLargeError","detail":"request entity too large","method":"POST","uri":"/v2/translate/en/es/Google"}

Reference list translation defaults to be translated with 'Copy original content'.

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Petar.petkovic renamed this task from [testwiki wmf.12] Long Reference list produces 'Automation translation failed" to [testwiki wmf.12] Long Reference list produces "Automatic translation failed".Jan 9 2019, 1:29 PM

It's not only about long reference lists (which I confirm, see point 3 here T214333, there's my error console screenshot too), I had this issue with some short paragraphs too. They just wouldn't load, and then the message "Automatic translation failed" appears on the right.

As demonstrated in the following screencast (from Spanish wiki) this issue doesn't seem to be relevant any more. The issue was also tested on test wiki with the same results.

@Pginer-WMF do you think we can close this ticket?

@ngkountas In the screencast you don't attempt to translate the big references section at the bottom.