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Road to OOUI v1.0.0
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Starting this as task, might be transformed into a milestone or other form of Phab-compatible structure



  • Restructure information and get rid of restructure notice
  • Updating all imagery to HiDPI examples
  • Comparison matrix to other libs – what value OOUI brings in the clearest form possible (SN)
  • Use cases outside MW core: Here's the “Hello World” example to install Tutorials are written with such use case in mind
  • Strengthen connection with interactive demos T118126
  • Switch from jsduck to jsdoc

Code (–Mobile)

  • Dialogs are too complex, should be revisited, something like SimpleDialog (MS) – major use case is gadgets right now T213476
    • Process stuff seems overly complicated, API stuff (ES)
  • Breaking out computation/calculation logic (f.e. floatable) as extra part, to be used elsewhere as well

Performance (–Mobile)

  • T125292
  • “It's big”. “It comes with jQuery”. MobileFE tries to move away jQuery by utility file Main problem with $element property

“As underdog the lib has to present why adding jQuery and the bigger lib makes sense and is fine performance-wise”
QuickSurvey as an example

UX (–Mobile)

  • Layouts mobile friendly
    • BookletLayout T209912 [de-prioritized and declared invalid]
  • Cleanly split and ensure consistent 'error' & 'warning' types T145674
  • Button padding tech debt T216070

Event Timeline

Volker_E triaged this task as High priority.Jan 9 2019, 8:26 PM

From All-Hands conversation:

  • Splitting functionality demos based on segments of the code you can load
  • Review of current PHP widgets/placeholders. What's missing there?
    • Spec:Pref f.e. feat hardcoded layouts


  • Stop using jQuery
    • Create jQ replacement in OOUI
    • Stop using $element
  • Evaluate if OO.ui.Process is needed for dialogs or if it can be scrapped
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