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[EPIC] Actions menu
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This epic will contain all tasks related to the actions menu for AMC. Individual tasks will reflect individual portions of the menu


The contents in the actions menu will differ slightly per namespace (for a complete list please see item 1 in the appendix). For pages in the main namespace the following items will be displayed (unless otherwise noted, assume no changes to the current behavior of these buttons will be necessary):

  • Language switcher
  • Watchlist star
  • History
    • Clicking history will navigate to the mobile version of the history page
    • (future improvement) Clicking history will navigate to the core version of the history page
    • This will be the only link to the history page on the page
  • Edit
    • Clicking edit will open the editor for the entire article
    • This change will be made globally (outside of advanced mode as well)

If a page does not have any of the above functions, the icons for the missing function will not be displayed. For example, if a page is not editable (such as Special:Related changes), the edit icon will not appear (not applicable for protected pages - workflow here shouldn’t change)


If a community/project injects their own buttons:

  • We will not approach technical solutions to this
  • We will reach out to communities and work out options for improvement

A note on icons:

  • We will not be performing any additional research on the icons available (whether users find them confusing). However, if changes on this from the greater design team/design research arises, we will follow the new conventions

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