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[Saga] Effective search
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Why are we doing this?

We want enable effective search for users, so they can find media they are looking for quickly and easily.

What do we want to do

What is the ultimate goal/vision for this saga?
The ultimate goal is for users to see multimedia results regardless of the language the files were described in, filtering by media file type, filter by copyright/usage, and more. This initial Depicts launch will be the first step in making that happen. Other statements will be launched soon after.

What don’t we want to do

  • We don’t want to allow for more than one search method option at a time (keyword, depicts, or other statements) - link
  • We don’t want to allow for more than 3 statement parameters to be used for search filtering - link

Saga story

As a user, I want to be able to find media that I’m looking for quickly and easily - link


One of the key “wins” that Structured Data can provide is more effective searching. Categories don’t effectively describe media and their content the way structured data can.

Condition of satisfaction

Search results show media that closely fit what the user searched for (as long as those files actually exist on Commons) - Link

Anticipated releases

FunctionalityV1: Depicts T213360V2: All other statementsV3: major update
Edit initial queryyesyesyes
Media file type (search bar)via MIME typevia MIME typevia MIME type
Filter by SDC propertiesnoyesyes
Sort by upload datenoyesyes
Filter by resolution (image vs video)nonoyes
Sort by inception datenonoyes
Layout view toggle with large imagesnonoyes
Media/file type tabbed resultsnonopossibly (tabs with file counts)
Sort by popularitynonomaybe (not likely to be done by MM)

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PDrouin-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)