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Design the final architecture for the database binary backups
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Questions to solve:

  • How many hosts are needed?
  • What happens where (are backups generated and processed locally and then sent away, or are they sent away and then processed outside of the source hosts)?
  • What bandwidth requirements are there?
  • What is the expected TTR?
  • What is the exact backup freshness required and retention policy?
  • How are backups tested/what is the recovery process?

While the general answers were already discussed on the design meetings, not all details were solved, as during implementation, new questions arose.

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jcrespo created this task.

Not closed because needs documentation (but it is done).

database_backups_overview.png (1×1 px, 501 KB) is close to be a complete description of the architecture, only missing some review and the individual application documentation.

Thanks for the effort on documenting all that! I will give it a read get back to you!

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