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Categories need automated display of subheadings
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Categories are sorted using criteria that do not display, creating confusing, apparently unorganized category pages. For example, [[:Category:Historically segregated African-American schools in the United States]] is sorted by states, which are entered thus in the article: [[Category:Historically segregated African-American schools in the United States|Alabama]].

What would be very helpful would be if the software would look to see which items have keys to sort them, then display the sort key in the Category page, and put all entries without sort keys at the end.

For example:
Historically segregated schools

  • Alabama
    • School 1|Alabama
    • School 2|Alabama
  • Florida
    • School1|Florida
  • Schools with no sort key
    • School1

I do not mean the *s are necessary, that's just for clarity here. Nor need the sort key be displayed on tge item's line. (I's not at present.) The key point is that the sort keys would display, followed by the items with that sort key, and all the items with no sort key at the end. Thank you.