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Allow user to fill trackerprofile info during registration
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When users register, the software doesn't indicate they should fill bank account info and also other details.

Proposed solution

Add a way how to submit those data while signing up for Tracker. Take in account some users might some users might sign up via OAuth.
Student is expected to send a patch for wikimedia-cz/tracker repository, hosted at Wikimedia Gerrit. When claiming task on GCI website, student should claim a respective Phabricator task as well.



(approved by PM off-phab)

Event Timeline

Excited to be working with you again, Mr Urbanec on my first Tracker task! In terms of my approach to this, I have come up with two options:

  • Redirect everyone to /my/details after registering and add 'PLEASE COMPLETE' in red text next to bank account so that it stands out therefore compelling them to fill it in.
  • Redirect everyone to a new page which says 'Please fill in the following details: (copy of parts of /my/details)' + a skip button.

I think the former option may be more effective as it allows people to also amend any mistakes they've made in registration. Would this be ok or is it not fulfilling the task?

Thanks very much! I am, of course, happy to chat on IRC about this too on #wikimedia-dev :)

For future reference, I've decided to do the following:

  • Have the OAuth registration call back to /my/details to fill in their profile
  • Underneath that give the option for normal registration with /my/details integrated onto that page.

@NicholasG04 Hello Nicholas! I think we talked about this one via IRC, but if you have any questions, please do let me know!

IAmNetx added subscribers: NicholasG04, IAmNetx.

Task was abandoned (not sure if due to time limit).

Change 561171 had a related patch set uploaded (by IAmNetx; owner: IAmNetx):
[wikimedia-cz/tracker@master] Allow user to fill profile details post-registration

Change 561171 merged by jenkins-bot:
[wikimedia-cz/tracker@master] Encourage user to fill profile details post-registration