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[Epic] Filtering search results
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Why are we doing this?

We want to provide users with ways to modify/refine search results, and current search filtering abilities don’t account for structured data, so we have to build this functionality in order for that to happen.

What do we want to do

The ultimate goal/vision for this is to enable effective search for users, so they can find media they are looking for quickly and easily. See saga parent ticket: T213358

What is the short term goal/need for this work?

To provide an interface for users to refine their results with SDC property filters and sort by upload date.

What don’t we want to do

The following features are out of scope, and may be incorporated into a subsequent update.

  • Tabbed results by media type with counts next to each type
  • Sorting results by anything other than upload date
  • Layout of results
  • Pagination changes

Epic story

As a… Commons user
When I… search for media files
I want to… be able to apply filters to my search results
So that I can…. find a specific media/set of media which matches my needs

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