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Grant interface-admin permissions to modify abuse filters on az.wikipedia
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Hello. Is it possible to edit abuse filters for interface admin? This is necessary. Because filters sometimes need to be edited.

Note: This Task was clarified at T213575#4874086

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Hi @Neriman2003. This does not sound like something is wrong in the code base (a so-called "software bug"), but instead like a support request (how to change settings, questions how to do something, etc.).
As Wikimedia Phabricator/Maniphest is for bug reports and enhancement requests, please ask on the MediaWiki Support Desk or ask on a dedicated project/extension talk page if existing.

AbuseFilter allows editing filters if you have sufficient permissions.

Hmm, maybe I misunderstood. If you are sure that it is not possible for an interface admin to edit abuse filters (that is not clear from your task description) then this would be a feature request for AbuseFilter. Please clarify and feel free to reopen this task (by setting the status of this report back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown) and by adding the AbuseFilter project tag (via the Add Action...Change Project Tags dropdown).

@Neriman2003 Aklapper's response is correct. If this is a support request, this is not the right place for it. If you're asking whether it's possible for interface admins to edit abuse filters, the answer is: it depends. Editing abuse filters require the abusefilter-modify right, which I don't think interface admins have. Usually people who can edit abuse filters are sysops or have a specific user group.

I asked this: Can Phabricator users add this function to interface admin group?

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I think @Neriman2003 request is in the line of "Please grant interface-administrators on the xxxwiki the right to edit abuse filters".

That's what I thought. If so, we need community consensus for that.

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@Neriman2003: For future reference, please follow and at least mention that your underlying idea is changing settings for a specific wiki. Thanks a lot! :)

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I'm afraid this will fall under . The interface admin group was introduced to completely separate rights for editing CSS and JS, so you have them only if you need to edit CSS and JS. As soon as the group will enable the members to do anything else but edit CSS/JS, the wikis might grant it even to users who don't want to edit CSS/JS, but want to edit abuse filters/anything else. I'll start an internal discussion if it's possible to grant another permissions to interface-admin, this notice should serve as an explanation why nothing's happening for longer time.

Also, I'm removing AbuseFilter, as it's not relevant to AbuseFilter's codebase.

Urbanecm closed this task as Declined.Jan 14 2019, 8:21 AM

As editing abusefilters isn't relevant to intadmin's task, I'm declining this task. Also, see my explanation in my former comment. We can create you a specific group for managing abusefilters, that you can grant to anyone. In case your community agrees with this, please create another task for that.

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