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[wmf.12] CX2: Issue card with "Template unavailable" message cannot be open for Шаблон:НП template
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Translating articles with template Шаблон:НП produces a warning "Template unavailable" in the issue card, but the issue card cannot be opened to see the warning.

  1. Start translating 'Eureka, Nunavut' from en to ru (or uk) (you can use other articles which use {{Infobox settlement}}).
  2. Click on the `{{Infobox settlement}} (the first element of the article) to translate it. The target panel shows reduced variant of the template as an indication that the template cannot be mapped. The issue card will be displayed too, collapsed.
  3. Click on the issue card trying to expand it - the issue card cannot be expanded.

The following remains hidden:

<h4 class="cx-ui-translationIssue-title">Template unavailable</h4>

<p class="cx-ui-translationIssue-message">The original page uses a template that is not available in the destination wiki.

This template has been skipped, but you can add new content to capture the missing information.</p>

There are several interesting points about it.
(1) The template is listed as matching to Template:Infobox settlement on Wikidata, but it's still marked as not available in Content Translation.
(2) The yellow bar will be absent after the translation is reloaded. The "Template unavailable" will be present and can be opened, but it will not direct to the top of the article.
(3) It seems that the problem exists for the specific template - Шаблон:НП. Since the template is present in few languages, I tested it to en-be, en-sah, and en-uk. There could be more cases like that, but so far I could not find it.