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Build mwdumper automatically
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Older versions of the MWDumper docpage had this note:

Current WMF builds are produced by jenkins. For the latest version check the jenkins build. You can find a mostly up-to-date build at

Obviously this has not been the case for a long time, but it would be nice to have it. Apparently there's a dockerfile for building it automatically, so might not be too hard to build on that...

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I had some discussions with @Gehel to create and publish proper releases out of maven repositories. The only example we have so far is for analytics/refinery which I have to migrate toward using Docker container T210271, and I think I will refactor those jobs and generalize them to all repositories. So if I am good enough, the end result would be that all maven repositories would result .jar files published to

For mwdumper

In short the job is gone and we no more produce a build after a change got merged nor when a tag is published.

From the git log history, the job got created in 2012 (T43634) it then disappeared and got added again in May 2016 for T133456: Re-add mwdumper builds to continuous integration / jenkins. I then migrated it to use a CI Docker container tailored for maven repositories ( 2ebfe1d5bd90f1978c2a073172338719b0e08625 ).

In CI we run maven clean package for sent patchset and on code review +2:

- name: mediawiki/tools/mwdumper
    - mwdumper-maven-java8-docker
    - mwdumper-maven-java8-docker

The job is but it mix builds for patchsets and for +2, none are equivalent to a build from the tip of the branch. There is also no build triggered when a tag is published.

Thanks for the task, it is on my radar, feel free to follow T210271.

mwdumper is not that much maintained. One can just use mvn to build it. Maybe we will eventually add some part to publish to Maven Central when a tag occurs, but I guess that will be done along all the other maven based repositories.