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Add code to display information on page sections to the "&action=info" view
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en.Wikipedia now has a template [1]/ Lua module [2] to display information on the size and structure of sub-sections of a page.

It can be seen in use, for example, on the talk page [3] of the article "1945 Birthday Honours" [4] (use the template's "show" link, to see the results).

The code (or logic) from the module could usefully be repurposed to include the results in the "&action=info" view of pages (in the above example, [5]).






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This has nothing to do with Scribunto besides that someone wants functionality they put in an on-wiki module to be added to InfoAction.

If someone wanted to try to do something like this for InfoAction, they might do better to use the data from ParserOutput->getSections() rather than trying to parse wikitext.