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Help Panel: Allow searching edits tagged with "help panel question"
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This is somewhat related to T209327 and follows from the work done in T209301.

My proposal is for "Search FAQs" to become broader in scope and also include edits tagged with "Help panel question" in its results. Ideally the user could toggle the option to include help panel question edits in the search, if one didn't want to include those in the search results.

The advantage is that the user might find more useful help and community engagement by getting directed to the help desk question (and answers).

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@kostajh -- thanks for filing this. I think it's a cool idea. Theoretically, we'll pick some of these up in search already, since the Help Desk is in the namespaces that are included in the search, but those results wouldn't necessarily be prioritized. We can re-address when we have more volume of question (since right now we have 7).