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Consider updating the Oversight/Suppress UX on Special:Block
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In T210002 we were discussing the broken logic of user suppression via the oversight usergroup. Currently, the block must be configured to Indefinite Sitewide before the "Hide username" checkbox appears.

Proposed changes

  • Move the Hide username from edits and lists checkbox above "Actions to block" list on the new version of Special:Block.
    • Note that this only appears to users with oversight permissions
    • We should also consider changing the checkbox label.
  • If the 'Hide username' checkbox is checked:
    • All following checkboxes under "Actions" should be marked as checked and disabled.
    • The 'Sitewide' radio button should also be selected
    • The "Expiration" should be set to indefinite and disabled

Latest Special:Block mockups

  • Notes

    • The current UX is hide/show, while Wikimedia's style guide now calls for enabled/disabled. If we opt to not rearrange the block page for oversighters, we could make this change at a minimum.
    • Changes to the UX of Special:Block should not affect any logging or suppression actions or API actions
    • Keep in mind that most suppressions occur on users that are already blocked. We should optimize the design for this workflow.

    Event Timeline

    dbarratt added a subscriber: dbarratt.

    I don't think suppression is an action so it shouldn't be with a list of actions. I updated the description.

    Deprioritizing new feature development on Partial Blocks in 2019 by the WMF's Anti-Harassment team but leaving open on the Blocking Tools backlog. After we measure the effectiveness of page and namespace Partial Blocks we will reassess additional time investment.