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Two test hosts for SREs
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Until a while ago used to be a SRE test host for a number of tests/tasks that can't be done well in Cloud VPS, e.g. testing custom kernels or tests of lower level changes before they get applied to production. multatuli got repurposed as an auth DNS server and generally speaking it would be good to have not only server for those kind of tests, but to (one running Debian stable and the other running Debian oldstable).

We don't need to buy a new machine for these, a spare server should be perfectly fine. There are also no requirements hardware-wise, the smallest setup available is fine. And they can be in any DC, it's also fine to have one server in eqiad and the other in codfw, e.g.

(These hosts are no sensible candidates for a Ganeti instance, e.g. the tests for the microcode tests for Spectre/Meltdown would not work on a KVM instance).

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So we are down to just one single cpu spare misc host. I'm creating a task to order more spare servers, but for now I can only allocate 1 system for this.

wmf7622 in eqiad: Single Intel Xeon Silver 4110 (2.10GHz/8C), 32GB, (2) Intel S4600 240GB

@faidon: Can you approve this allocation of our last single cpu spare pool system in eqiad? I'll also create a procurement task for buying more single cpu misc systems (we're already doing this for dual cpu misc, so this is easy to do as well.)

RobH added a comment.Feb 15 2019, 6:39 PM

Once this is approved, assign back to me and I'll get it allocated and spun up, then stall this task until a second single cpu misc system arrives for approval for the second of the two systems.

RobH added a comment.Feb 15 2019, 6:42 PM

Please note T216269 tracks the order of new single cpu spare pool systems. Once we have those ordered, a second system can be allocated via this task.

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I don't know what the status of this is, it's been a while it seems. I see it was pending for my approval, which I've missed -- apologies! Approved now.