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Count blocks triggered by the AbuseFilter
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We currently block imports of text- and file-revisions if any of the violates AbuseFilter rules on the target wiki. The granularity if this still needs to be discussed see T213409 for potential false positives when blocking.

To get a better feeling on how often we block imports it would be useful to count the cases were a AbuseFilter rule blocked an import.

Note: We might even think about logging more context on blocked requests using EventLogging but this might already happen on the side of the AbuseFilter itself.

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Reedy renamed this task from Count blockes triggered by the AbuseFilter to Count blocks triggered by the AbuseFilter.May 14 2019, 4:05 PM

Closing as duplicate, we ended up getting a count of AF blocks and decent granularity for the specific error, because the error code equals the translation message that would be displayed.