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user_properties/up_property: 32 bytes is not enough
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Author: angus

An example: the extension "Gadgets" saves preferences prefixing them with "gadget-". When the change to this table was made, preferences for gadget "herramienta-ver-subpagina" from eswiki, could not be saved anymore.

strlen("gadget-") + strlen("herramienta-ver-subpagina") == 33

To reproduce:

  1. login in,
  2. go to Special:Preferences,
  3. Go to "Artilugios" (last tab), "Accesorios para la interfaz" (3rd heading),
  4. tick on "Agrega una herramienta que lleva a buscar las subpáginas." (8th checkbox from bottom)
  5. save preferences
  6. when the page reloads, the item isn't ticked anymore

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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We're not going to immediately expand the field.

The workaround is to shorten your gadget names.

angus wrote:

Yes, I guessed that much about the workaround :)

But are you going to expand it later?

I mean, either you eventually expand the field, or the gadget extension developers should restrict the length of gadget names and they have to be warned of this.

angus wrote:

Well, here it is: bug 19410. Sort it out between yourselves ;)


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