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Help panel: report on leading indicators
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In the measurement plan for the help panel, we recorded a set of leading indicators that we would measure, and then make quick decisions on. The full table explaining the indicators and plans of action will be published on wiki within the next couple weeks, but we need to start assembling the code to report on them. Here is the list of leading indicators:

  • Not opening the help panel
  • Not using the panel
  • Turning off the panel
  • Not clicking help links
  • Not asking questions
  • Low-quality questions
  • Unanswered questions
  • Users do not return to read the answer
  • Does not attempt to edit again after receiving an answer

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@nettrom_WMF sent me a first draft of the leading indicators in a Jupyter notebook on 2019-02-19.

I sent notes back to @nettrom_WMF on 2019-02-19, and the next step is to tighten up the notebook, and discuss with the Growth team during social time during the week of 2019-02-25.

The Growth team discussed this, and the next step is to update the table on wiki that lists the indicators so that they display the numeric findings.

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We've added table with the findings as a new section in the Help Panel experiment plan. There's also a description of the affected indicators and which ones we've acted upon.