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Wikimedia override not shown at some wikis for createacct-imgcaptcha-help
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Question: Why is it not using the correct Wikimedia-override version of a string at Frwiki/Hewiki/Eswiki? (and many others)
It should be using (wikimedia-createacct-imgcaptcha-help) but instead is currently showing the generic version (createacct-imgcaptcha-help)

i.e. 3 working/overridden examples, and 3 broken/generic examples
(USE A PRIVATE WINDOW to avoid autologin ;-)

The override text is translated at
and the link within it is translated at
The generic text is (barely) translated at
and in practice seems to mostly consist of local overrides such as and
I found an old partial explanation about the generic version - at - but it doesn't hint at the Wikimedia-override version or how to make it visible

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