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Add Commenting to Suggestions
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Sometimes additional discussion or details are desirable when users make a new partner suggestion ( We could add a commenting system, like that for applications, through which we could ask clarifying questions or invite additional notes from other users.

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This is very important.

Many resources are often available via alternate mediums as well and after a discussion, it can emerge that most of the houses stuff is already available by resources that we already possess.

I notice at-least one source; which has deemed to be generally unreliable at RSN but can be used in specific cases. So does it merit to include that as a resource? These discussions need to happen.

The coordinators can also note about the progress of the application (did not respond/ in active talks/almost set up/talked but reached an impasse et al).

We declined this because it would necessitate a large overhead of related features that duplicate on-wiki communication functionality.