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CX 2 conflicts with an abuse filter on ukwiki, and has some other major issues
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  1. The tool conflicts with an abuse filter designed to prevent the articles from being created if they're too short. It is being triggered by a translation (or a simple paste) of any section heading, thus if you have translated 4 section headings, you get 4 warnings about that filter being triggered. It appears only as a warning on the right, but doesn't actually prevent the translation from being published and displays in no way in the abuse filter log. This had been reported by several users in ukwiki previously, but I couldn't track it in the filter log, but encountered this on my own today, and tested it on another account, and on 3 different pages too, just to confirm.
  2. You can see the "Problems" section on the right that displays some warnings and their number, say, you have 12 warnings in different paragraphs. Sometimes, if you try to click the downward arrow to see those warnings' details, it refuses to open (actually opens for a fraction of a second, so that you can see there is some warning, and if you've already seen it before, you can even guess what it is about, but it immediately closes). It won't open until you place the cursor into a paragraph there is a warning for.
    • Sometimes the navigation through the warnings closes that interface too. I mean, if you use the arrows <> to navigate through the warnings. I noticed that in most (if not all) cases it is happening when there's an "Insert paragraph" link, say, between a header and a text. The navigation stops, and you have to place a cursor into some other paragraph for the warning details to start displaying again.
  3. Sometimes a paragraph wouldn't load. You can see the three grey dots animation, wait for some time, and then you get that message on the right saying that "Automatic translation failed". Even though I'm not using automatic translation. If you click to paste the paragraph again, you get that message again immediately, with no wait time, so that if you do several clicks fast, you get a bunch of "automatic translation failed" messages on the right. This is the error log I get in the console (Chrome, Windows 10, tested on a Frasier Crane translation from en to uk, unable to insert the list of references paragraph, under "Sources" heading):
    Errors.png (615×855 px, 108 KB)
  4. For some reason it sometimes duplicates the full reference markup instead of a self-closing <ref name="name" /> tag. It might be adding one full reference to each separate section, see an example case (search for <ref name="west2">)

This is my second try to create this task today. the first one I had abandoned, because there were too many issues to report, and I expected someone to have already noticed at least some of them. This one I created after seeing the Tech News delivered, saying that CX2 will be enabled as a beta feature instead of its previous version. Feel free to split this task into separate ones, or to do any other relevant changes, if needed. I don't think I'd be of any more help here.

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Hello? Anyone? There are more people complaining about the abuse filter being triggered on headers. Is there any workaround or something?

Nikerabbit subscribed.

Thanks for reporting the issues and sorry it has taken a long time to reply.

For issue 1, we have a more specific task T155897: ContentTranslation probably saves changes repeatedly and this is affected by AbuseFilter

For issues 2 and 3, I believe these have been fixed after this bug has been reported.

Issue 4 is likely captured in one of the subtasks of T200786: Better support for References in Content Translation (epic).

Generally, we prefer one task per issue to make tracking easier.