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Own user script cannot be deleted by the admin owner because it is a "redirect"
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After T190015: Create separate user group for editing sitewide CSS/JavaScript that does not include administrators by default each user can still edit js pages in their own userspace.
As an admin, I am also able to delete js pages in my own userspace.
But I cannot edit or delete this page:

I also tried to change the page content model (in chance it would let me delete it as wiki page) but there is no such option in the relevant info page.

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This was reported earlier in T210195. @Tgr closed it as resolved in a separate private task T207750.

This is an intentional limitation and not the same as T210195 (which was about redirects which did not point out of your userspace). The private task has some background. You'll have to ask someone with sitewide JS editing permissions to change the page.