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Display in-progress translations
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As part of the work to allow multiple users to translate the same topic (T86151), we want to let users explore the translations started by other users. In this way users can make an informed decision on whether to start a new translation for the topic.

Design details

Note explaining the situation
A note explains that the content displayed is an inprogress translation by another user and the date when the translation was started:

This is an in-progress translation
Started by <user> on <date>
You can create your own translation for this topic. Please, coordinate with the user that started this translation to avoid publishing conflicts.

<terms-of-use-text> [Start a new translation]

  • The "Start a new translation" action will start a translation for the topic and current languages.
  • The text about terms of use and license is the standard one (which needs an update: T214673). The same text will be shown here and in the "new translation" dialog.
  • Background color is Base90 (#F8F9FA)

Show source and target contents in a read-only mode
When displaying the contents of an in-progress translation the translation cannot be edited.

List of in-progress translations
A card will be shown the list of existing in-progress translations for users to navigate through. For each in-progress translation, the user will see:

  • The author name
  • The time since it was started. It will be expressed in days (if less than 60) or months. Text color is Base20 (#54595D)
  • Progress bar indicating how much of the source article was translated. This is the same component shown in the in-progress list from the dashboard.

Additional considerations:

  • Clicking on an item will load the in-progress translation selected. The selected item will remain highlighted.
  • If the user has already an in-progress translation, it will be shown in the list (labelled as "your translation") to help the user compare how old and complete is with respect ot the rest. However, it will be shown as disabled and could not be selected. Base20 (#72777D) is used for the text, and Base90 (#f8f9fa) for the item background to convey the disabled look. This case is illustrated below.

Going back
Going back by clicking on the "All translations" will return to the translation dashboard. For the case where the user case from the "new translation" dialog (opening in the same window), the user will navigate back to the translation dashboard with the "new translation" dialog open as it was when the user left.