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It should be possible to get from user talk/uploads page to the user page
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When I visit a user page with JS disabled I see three links "talk", "contributions" and "uploads"

When I click talk link, I see this page with the menu gone:

This breaks navigation flow as now there is no obvious way to get back to the user page. This is particular a problem if you land on the user's talk page and want to get to the user's associated page. Likewise, if I go to uploads, I can't easily get back to the user page. On mobile the only way to do this is manually inserting the URI or searching... not a great experience.

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Talk page

From the "wiki page" version of a User talk page (regardless of whether you have JS on/off), the only way to return to the user page is the link at the bottom. Note: this is solved in Advanced Mobile Contributions mode.

current "wiki page" version of a User talk page
Uploads page

There doesn't currently seem to be any way to return to the parent user page from the uploads page. It seems like we have several patterns we can use here. Perhaps a cheap solution would be making the username in the header a link. Two other options are the breadcrumb pattern that gets used with other sub-pages, or using the tagline element to add a link.

currentheader as linksubpages elementtagline element

The uploads page is being removed.
The tabs we made as part of AMC fix the talk->normal page transition in T232594