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Add horizontal separators to separate different text labels
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User story

As a user, I would like to see which labels are part of the same phrase so I can translate them effectively.


This ticket is for adding horizontal separators for separating different text label groupings. This means that all the tspan elements in a text label group will appear together. The separators will appear even if the text label does not contain any tspan.

This ticket will not handle any cases where the text labels have not been split as they should have or the entire file contains tspans or any other edge cases.


Needs QA?

Yes. This file and its derivatives are good files to test this with.

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This seems simpler than I thought, and I accidentally did it while seeing if it was possible.

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That is even easier than what I was thinking. I like that we aren't touching the translations array from SvgFile at all.

I've added tests and refactored the form-field building into a separate class. Ready for code review now.

Staging site updated (automatically!) and this is ready for QA.

Looks pretty good! @Prtksxna You have any design changes you'd like to see here? See

One change could be to not group when there's only one item in each group, like in

Production site updated to 0.2.0.

This is ready for QA.

Looks pretty good! @Prtksxna You have any design changes you'd like to see here? See

Looks good to me, I the colors that I had chosen aren't good for a11y, I'll raise a separate task for the fix.

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