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I couldn't find a rule allowing to filter only pages in a given category, when they are transcluded by templates. It would allow to apply a filter only to BLPs for example (there are various methods to assign an article to this category). So it's a request for a variable, something like a current_categories list, composed of all categories the page is in at the time of the edit, if possible.

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These are low-priority miniprojects that I can mop up at some point when I'm doing general code work as opposed to working on a specific projects.

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Is it not possible to look at old_text using regex for the categories in page text?

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Removing Dave McCabe from CC, who I somehow managed to add to the CC list of 12 bugs assigned to me.

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Is it not possible to look at old_text using regex for the categories in page

If the category is applied to the page via a template, the rule needs to look for all templates which add that category.

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