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Volunteer / Collaborator NDA for @Julia.glen
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We need to request a collaborator NDA for @Julia.glen who is going to be working with @TJones in an upcoming project using data on our private cluster. All work is to take place in stats machines for the duration of her contract that is in the process of being signed.

I think @TJones as WMF sponsor will be helping the @Julia.glen navigate the request, see:

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I support this request. @Julia.glen needs access to our search logs to design and build algorithms to improve the quality of our "did you mean" suggestions in search results. She needs to be able to mine the logs in large quantities to build out the various approaches (see T212884 for details on the various methods).

Hmm, was the WMF-NDA-Requests tag set intentionally (see its description)?

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I think Andre is right and we aren't after Phab NDA access, so I've removed the tag. SRE-Access-Requests seems to be the right tag.

In that case we don't need two SRE-Access-Requests tickets, merging into the other one.