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Block is incorrectly applied if partial block feature is enabled then disabled
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Steps to reproduce (requires ability to change wiki configs):

  • with partial blocks enabled, set partial block on a user
  • disable partial blocks, then reblock the user with a sitewide block

Expected: the user is sitewide blocked
Actual: the user's partial block is still applied

There is a work-around, which is to unblock the user, then set the sitewide block. However, if the person making the block does not know to do this, then they will incorrectly think they have applied a sitewide block.

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We discussed this back in June (!?) with our original database changes. If we get to the point where we have to disable Partial Blocks on a specific wiki we will work with the local admins to manually decide if those users should be sitewide blocks or entirely unblocked.

Thanks @TBolliger. Just to (probably over-) clarify, if we're ever in that situation and the admins do decide that any partially blocked users should be sitewide blocked, they'll have to make sure they unblock them first before setting a new sitewide block... Simply editing their partial block into a sitewide one won't work.