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Tag description:

This tag is for tracking tasks that involve investigation of (or information about) potential artifacts in Wikimedia's page view data, e.g. spikes in the pageview numbers for individual pages or entire projects that do not correspond to changes in actual human content consumption.

Motivation: Such tickets (current and past examples include T212963, T212879 and T141506) have at various times ended up in Product-Analytics/Reading-analysis , Analytics and Tool-Pageviews , and will likely continue to do so - but there is value in being able to view this kind of work in one place, also to find existing results.

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Please let us know in case any additional information is needed; otherwise it would be great to be able to use this tag soon.

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The issue with this tag is that there is not always some followup. While people file tickets and probably assuming that someone will look at their tickets.
Tickets should probably end up at least also on some team's radar, like e.g. Product-Analytics. The other option is to disable the tag not to create false hopes.